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Why Field Service Businesses Should Use electrical certificate in UK

Forms and electrical certificate is an inevitable and time-consuming to field engineers. It can be simplified by using the appropriate software for managing the electrical certifications you have.

Software is a replacement for paper-based administration by offering an easy cloud-based solution for data storage which allows engineers to create and fill out fully-fledged forms using the go with their smartphones. Here are just five of the reasons offers one of the best electrical certificate program available for Field service technicians.

Save Time on Copying Customer Information:

Utilizing the electronic certificates software, your employees can access the customer database stored in the cloud which saves engineers and office personnel time by automatically filling certificates with details of customers. This can be completed on-site and eliminate the necessity of input of customer data several times, and decreasing the risk of human mistakes.

Send Electrical Certificates immediately and from any place:

A single of the best gadgets that electricians can be outfitted with is the mobile engineer app from. It is available anywhere anytime. When certain tasks require engineers to travel to more remote locations that don’t have access to the internet however, they can complete certificates in a non-destructive manner. Our offline capabilities in our electronic certificate software means that the data is collected in real-time, no matter the location of the site.

Engineers are able to record their documents electronically and return it to the office in a matter of minutes. This data, which may contain completed risk assessments, GPS and time-stamped data on the job, can be seen from managers at a real time. This allows them to have a more precise knowledge of the present situation of the job as well as the driver and vehicle. With a faster turnaround time for receiving and sending digital documents as opposed physical copies, it allows dispatchers to keep their customers up on all stages of a trip from departure until the time of arrival.

Increase Customer Satisfaction through Enhanced Clarity:

When your engineer has updated jobs that trigger an event like ‘job completed and an online link is sent out automatically using the customer’s notification system that customers has the ability to access for downloading the certificate. Digitally, this method greatly accelerates the process of the customers who receive this information, compared to the previous copies printed on paper and is guaranteed to improve the level of satisfaction with your customers, electrical certificate.

Make sure that the industry is in compliance with On-Site Signature Capture:

Digital signatures of both the engineer and the customer are able to be recorded using an electronic device at when an official certificate has been issued. This will ensure compliance with the law and ensures your business is completely protected.

Store and Manage Electrical Certificates Easily:

The forms logbook is an efficient way of recording and storing data from every mobile form and certificate employed by businesses. It’s easy to consolidate certificates into one place and managers can further refine their searches by user forms, sites or type of form.

The compliance history can be recorded against customers and sites to ensure that information is accurate and current. Customers may choose to have the contents of their logbook visible on their customer portal, thereby updating the information on which certifications have been issued prior to.

Search an Extensive Library of Industry-Standard Certificates:

provides services to companies from a variety of fields in the management of field services industry. With more than twenty years’ experience we’ve become a leader in providing a wide range of industry-standard forms and certifications for every industry.

We have developed several certifications to help the maintenance of electrical equipment sector. They include:

Small emergency lighting installation (shown in the photo)

Inspection of the fire alarm and service certificate

Alarm system installation certificate

Minor electrical installations certificate

Inspection and test certificates

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