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Help Your Customers Find the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Dress With These  Tips

It’s 2023, and the word is out: formal, banquet-style indoor weddings are out; outdoor weddings are in. After the COVID-19 pandemic, most couples have opted to have their weddings outdoors, choosing gardens, beaches, or even their own backyards for both the ceremony and reception.

Given that, brides-to-be will definitely be looking to you for guidance when it comes to choosing a dress for their outdoor weddings. Here are a few tips you can dish out to help guide them:

Take the climate into account

Shopping for a dress for an indoor wedding is easy. Because the environment is climate-controlled, your customers can pretty much choose any dress that makes their heart sing. Outdoor weddings, on the other hand, require a bit more thoughtful consideration and pre-planning.

Specifically, you’ll want the bride-to-be to consider the climate of their wedding location when picking out a wedding dress.

Ask probing questions that can help narrow down their choices: will they be getting married in the summer or during a colder month? If the ceremony is going to be on a hot summer day, recommend dresses that won’t bog them down or make them overheat on what should be the happiest day of their life. Conversely, if the wedding is going to be held in the fall or wintertime (yes, some brides still want to get married outdoors, even in winter!), you’ll want to give them a selection of dresses that will keep them warm and comfortable. 

Know the terrain

Brides-to-be that will be having their weddings outdoors will definitely be on the lookout for options that are easy to keep clean and immaculate for the hundreds of photos that they’ll be taking. It’s important to give them some!

To know which ones to recommend, it’s also a good idea to ask questions about the terrain of their wedding location. If they want a dress that won’t gather grass stains or mud on the hem, provide selections that are a little shorter; if they’re having a wedding in the woods, recommend tighter silhouettes that won’t catch or snag on any stray branches or leaves.

Steer them towards the right style

When it comes to wedding dress styles and materials, brides are definitely spoiled for choice. Whether they’re looking for a beach wedding dress or a backyard wedding dress, there’s surely something for everyone–just look at the options from Andrea & Leo!

If they’re holding their wedding in their backyard, then they might want to go for a lightweight backyard wedding dress that mirrors the beauty of the outdoors, as well as the relative informality of the location. The Willow wedding gown is one of Andrea & Leo’s most versatile offerings: it can be worn two ways, either with the sleeves for an off-shoulder look, or without the sleeves for a strapless look that accentuates the sweetheart neckline. It features a light construction that makes it easy to move around in, but doesn’t compromise on drama, thanks to its elongated back hem.

Brides-to-be who are getting married by the sea may want something that reflects their beach babe personality. This Pearlstone Corset Mermaid Gown is a show-stopping mermaid fantasy brought to life, featuring a form-fitting mermaid silhouette that’s gorgeously draped in pearl details.

Prioritize freedom of movement

Freedom of movement is always a priority for most brides, but especially so for those choosing to hold their weddings outdoors. These locations typically aren’t the easiest places to maneuver in!

For this reason, you may want to steer these customers away from gowns and dresses that will make it hard for them to get from place to place. Comfort is just one factor; during the fitting, you’ll want to ask them if they can move with the gown the way they usually move: sitting down, climbing stairs, and so on.

The Wren dress is one of Andrea & Leo’s best selling cocktail-length wedding dresses. In this dress, you’re completely unrestricted and ready to dance the night away. The flared A-line skirt leads to a whimsically feathered hem that adds unparalleled movement to the garment.

Andrea & Leo is an eveningwear brand based out of Los Angeles, CA, that specializes in formal wear for all occasions. Stock your shop with their selections by visiting their website now.

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