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The Essentials Of An Effective Office 365 Cloud Migration Strategy 

Did you know that data migrations fail 38% of the time? Yes! Implementing best practices of Office 365 managed services can ease up your cloud migration journey and mitigate risks for your business. Cloud migration can be very tricky unless you choose the right one. Though they have a lot of benefits, there can be surprise bills if you do not fix the right plans and right managed service providers. 

Microsoft Office 365 managed services and Azure managed services orchestrate business cloud migration with scalability, flexibility, resilience, security, and high availability. But to avail all these benefits of cloud migration, you must implement an effective cloud migration strategy which you could follow Azure cloud migration and Office 365 managed services

Fixing trivial things can actually patch up greater issues with minimal damage. So, this article makes you aware of cloud migration journey producing its benefits, and how to make it a successful business story by implementing Microsoft 365 managed services and Azure migration services. 

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Overview of Cloud Migration Strategy 

Before approaching managed service providers, one must learn to understand the below three questions in order to build or implement an effective Office 365 cloud migration journey. 

  1. Is cloud Migration Necessary? If yes, why? 
  1. Have you ever researched the business benefits of cloud migration strategy? 
  1. How do you measure the success of your cloud migration strategy? 

These questions may seem simple, but they are most crucial for your cloud migration process. An effective cloud migration plan with Microsoft Office 365 managed services will have end-to-end solutions with detailed information to develop an efficient cloud migration process. They include: 

  • The comprehensive list of applications and data that you want to migrate 
  • The list of expertise working on the applications 
  • Exact cloud computing capacity utilized by each application 
  • Scope of applications’ high availability and downtime 
  • The method of testing your cloud migration plan 

6 Essentials for an Effective Office 365 Cloud Migration Strategy 

  1. Understand your expertise in your Business 
  • One can make accurate decisions about information governance and the features to use in Office 365 managed services only after understanding the essential needs of the users and how they perform to accomplish the task. 
  • Get deeper by finding the types of information they wanted to share or store within the current collaboration program. This gives you a better idea of implementing Office 365 managed services to make their work feasible and seamless. 
  1. A Plan for Communication & Change Management 
  • Prior to Office 365 cloud migration, one must know the reasons for moving to the cloud, as well as the platform’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Above all, you will need to know when they are likely to experience any changes in the work environment.  
  • Make it significant to communicate the changes with the users and alert them with a timeline for the overall transition, including training activities. 
  • Communication is essential if you plan to introduce new business processes like Microsoft 365 & Azure managed services into your business for creating new online forms or HR activities and making things easier for users to work on. 
  1. Utilizing Office 365 New Features 
  • Microsoft Office 365 has started rolling out new features that comprehend similar functions making it confusing to the user. After the Ignite Conference, Microsoft is responding to various components with more intuitive but not prescriptive guidance, so be precise in checking when & where to use new features before adopting them. 
  • Understand business requirements, how your users work, and choose the right tools and features, just like the new Groups collaboration tool, intended to support team dynamics and productivity. 
  1. Define Information Governance Strategy 
  • The governance plan should define the use case for each of the distinctive features planned to implement and provide guidelines to interact with several types of content and where they should be stored. 
  • If your organization uses SharePoint, you created your governance strategy around how users should use team sites and store documents, and how workflows merge into your records management strategy. 
  • At the time of your Office 365 cloud migration, it’s crucial to review your governance strategy and add necessary changes to account for any comprehensive tools and features that will change the way of managing information. 
  1. Develop your Cloud Migration Strategy 
  • Cloud migration with Office 365 managed services can be simple, less complex, and depends on business requirements.  
  • Microsoft offers assorted options for getting your data to the cloud without the requirement for third-party migration tools.  
  • Since storage space is cost effective in Office 365 cloud migration, you can simply migrate your entire data repository to the cloud. 
  • Your data in the cloud is backed up, secure, and protected so that you do not need to manage On-premises hardware. Consider using third-party tools that are tailored to a variety of use cases. 
  1. Be sure of Customizations 
  • Tailor-made or customized support options for the cloud migration journey is expected by any organization that needs to activate cloud performance. 
  • Altering the user interface, and changing the navigation or the suite bar, might impact the site’s performance and responsiveness. So, keep an eye on the support changes to prevent dead slow performance. 
  • It is best to keep Office 365 as close to its out-of-the-box configuration as possible.  

Considering these tips, ensure that your business supports Microsoft 365 manages services leveraging all the new features to expand your business with comprehensive collaboration tools. 

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Cloud Migration Strategy need not be tricky if you follow all the above tips mentioned. Make your business advanced and flexible with these mission-critical features of Office 365 managed services. Microsoft also produces cloud migration strategies with Azure which has different sets of features contributing to your business progress. Be wise, choose that fit! 

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