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ARC018 – Best Website to Watch Movies, And TV Shows Online

We have seen a rise in the number of OTT platforms and a shift in people’s content-watching habits from cinema to OTT. People are shifting their content-watching habits because of many reasons like convenience, affordability, and accessibility. The prices for movie tickets are increasing and when we go out with family/friends to watch movies, many additional expenses happen such as traveling expenses, food and beverages, and more.

OTT platform users watch different types of content on their platform, but the majority of them prefer to watch English content, mainly Hollywood. Although watching movies on an OTT platform is cheaper than cinema, you have to pay a subscription fee to OTT platforms.

If you want to avoid that fee then ARC018 can be an option for you. So, let’s discuss this platform.

What is ARC018?

ARC018 is a pirated movie platform that uploads the latest movies released in good quality within a week of its release. Generally, they upload movies, TV shows, and web series, within a week of their release. However, some content can take more time to upload. The platform runs smoothly and provides a decent watching experience to its viewers.

Mostly, you will find Hollywood content in the English language as it has a wider audience base than others. There is not a fixed server for the website and it keeps changing due to copyright issues.

How ARC018 Functions?

ARC018 is a one-stop solution for pirated movies offering multi-language and genre movies, shows, and web series to its users. They host their platforms on different servers and show advertisements to earn money.

You can watch/download pirated content from them. Although it is unethical, many people are doing it.

Process Of Creating An An Account In ARC018:

Follow these simple steps to open an account in ARC018:

  • The first and most basic thing is to connect your device with a stable internet connection and open any web browser.
  • Now, search for ARC018 and open the link. 
  • There is a possibility that you would require a VPN network to access this website.
  • If you are facing any problems, then connect with any free VPN and try again to connect with the platform.
  • After that, click on the Create an account button and fill in the necessary details like name, emerald address, and other things as asked by the platform to create an account.
  • Once your account is created, you can watch content on the website.

How To Find Movies And Shows On ARC018?

Users can find their desired movies/shows easily by following this method:

  • First, create an account and access the website using the above-mentioned method.
  • Now, click on the search section and type any movie/show name you would like to stream/download.
  • Select content from search results and start watching.

Is There Any Application For ARC018?

To check whether the application is available or not, visit the original website and click on the application section.

If the website has any application, then instead of Play Store, you will find it here. 

Before downloading any application, make sure that you understand the potential threats and data risks associated with it, as it can bring multiple viruses and make your device vulnerable to various risks.

Is It Legal To Use ARC018 To Watch Content?

In simple words, No, it is safe and legal to use any pirated website to watch entertainment or any other kind of content as it is a kind of theft and illegal. Producers spend millions of dollars to make a good quality movie and web series and if you watch it on pirated content, then it is the loss of both the producer and the official streaming platform and in the long run, you can also face negative consequences.

What Are The Pros And Cons OF Using ARC018?


  • It is not legal
  • Pirated websites are heavily loaded with advertisements and viruses, which can hamper your device. 
  • Direct loss to the official streaming platform.
  • You can also be in trouble due to breaking the law.


  • You are saving money on OTT subscriptions.
  • You can watch content from anywhere anytime with a good internet connection.

List Of Popular OTT Platforms

In case you a good human being and do not want to break any law for the lame purpose of entertainment, then you can go for a subscription to popular OTT platforms, such as:

  • Netflix
  • HBO
  • Disney Plus
  • Apple TV
  • Prime Video

Believe me, it is worth legitimately watching content, as it gives you the satisfaction that you are breaking any law and not doing anyone’s loss for the sake of your entertainment.


The Showbiz industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and people in large numbers like to watch movies and web series. However, some people choose an illegal way and opt for platforms like ARC018.

We strongly believe that piracy is a bad thing and don’t want to promote it. This article is for informational purposes only. Do share your views on it.

Thomas Leishman

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