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What Is A Gas Safety Certificate in UK?

An owner’s Gas Safety Certificate, also called a CP12 and is legally required to be kept for every rentals in the UK in which gas appliances in the premises. The law is codified by the Gas Safety Regulations 1998.

Why Are Gas Safety Certificates Important?

Renting a house that is not gas safe is a substantial fine, and/or imprison: insufficient insurance. The maximum fine is PS6000 as fines, Gas Safety Certificate.

As an owner, it’s your responsibility for you to ensure your tenants are secure in the home you’re leasing. Your legal obligations cover a broad range of properties leased or license.

This includes:

Residential properties are provided to rent by housing associations, local authorities private sector landlords, cooperatives and hostels.

Bedsit accommodation in room’s private homes accommodation for breakfast and bed and hotels.

Rental holiday accommodation like chalets, cottages flats and Airing properties or caravans as well as narrow boats and narrow boats on waterways that are inland.

Gas Safety Certificate?

It is good for 12 months following which the landlord has to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out the necessary examinations of gas appliances and pipeline work of the building. A registered engineer with a valid license is required to fill out the following information for the document:

Engineer’s details:

The engineer will write down the engineer’s identity as well as Gas Safe Register ID number. The engineer will then stamp the document as a proof of evidence. The date when the Gas Safety Certificate inspection took place. Address of residence where the certificate is being checked.

The landlord’s contact details the engineer will require the address and name of the landlord as a contact point

An inventory:

The engineer will note each flue and appliance in the property, and will also note their locations and their conditions.

Any issues which have been spotted in the course of the examination If remedial measures have been implemented and the engineer has taken action, he’ll also keep a record of the remedial action taken.

A declaration that confirms that the gas safety check was completed:

A declaration of conformity with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Tenants are required to be given a copy of the certification within 28 days after the test taking place, or prior to the time they move into the house.

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