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Cost of Study MBBS in China Best Medical University

The average annual cost of study MBBS in China (bilingual universities) is rough Rs 7-7.5 lakh, which includes tuition fees, dorms, and other expenditures, for a total estimated cost of Rs 45-50 lakh. The annual cost for direct English-medium colleges is rough Rs 9-10 lakh, and the total cost for the MBBS degree is around Rs 70-80 lakh, depending on exchange rate fluctuations. MBBS in China Price Structure for Pakistani Students 2022-2023, cheaper, low cost, ITSA (Pvt) Ltd, MBBS Costs in China, Study MBBS in China 2023-2024

A Study MBBS in China entails getting a World Health Organization (WHO)-recognized medical diploma by the Western Medicine, Clinical Medicine curriculum. In China, the medical education program for MBBS is known as Qualifying Degree: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.), but at some universities, the same program is known as Qualifying Degree: (B.M.), which is considered the same as MBBS. Certain Chinese universities provide a “Level” degree, which is not widely acknowledged and is not added to the “Clinical Medicine/Western Medicine” program.

Current Admission to Study MBBS in China Dates

Admissions to Chinese medical schools (MBBS) begin in September/autumn. Most bilingual universities have returned to teaching in Mandarin, however, some continue to offer medical courses in English beyond the basic course (HSK4), which necessitates rigorous application. Keep an eye out for autumn admissions at universities that offer direct English instruction. You should prepare all of the relevant documentation as soon as possible to obtain a place at your selected university.

Budget Universities for MBBS Admission in China 2023 – 2024.

  • Hunan University of Chinese
  • Medicine Hunan Normal University China
  • Yujiang Medical University
  • Guilin Medical University China
  • Dali University China
  • Hubei Medical University China

Middle Universities in China for MBBS Admission 2023-2024

  • Gannan Medical School
  • Yichun Medical University in China
  • South China University in China.
  • Yangtze University is a university in China.
  • Taishan Medical University in China
  • Qiqihar Medical University in China
  • Jiangxi Medical University in China
  • China Nanchang University
  • Shanxi Medical University is located in Shanxi, China.
  • Hebei North University

Medical Colleges in China with the Lowest Tuition

Each Chinese university’s full cost structure is subject to a subsequent offer modification.

  • Additional expenses for studying medicine in China in 2022-2023.
  • Fee structure example
  • Pakistani prices.
  • Fee for consultation/application
  • Fees for JW202 letter/visa + university registration fees
  • Costs of food and catering in China:
  • Food costs between 12 and 15 thousand rupees every month.
  • Airfare.
  • One-way air ticket approx.

University miscellaneous fees:

Visa extension, registration, medical insurance, and examination study MBBS in China: 2600 RMB/first year, most of which are covered in the above fee packages. Visa extension and medical insurance: 1400 RMB/year after the second year are also included in the above fee packages.

Key Details:

Students who qualify to study MBBS in China will need to take an exam in their home country to receive a license to practice as;


The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council administers the PMC exam, which all foreign graduates must pass to operate in Pakistan.


AMC is divided into two sections. After passing AMC Part 1, opportunities to work in Australia become available.

The General Medical Council administers the PLAB entrance exam, which is require to practice in the UK. Part 1 of the PLAB is a written test administer by the British Council in Pakistan. Part 2 of the PLAB is a task-orient clinical skills assessment administer in the United Kingdom.


The USMLE is the entrance exam require to begin medical school in the United States of America. The USMLE exam is divide into three stages, with Stages 1, 2 C.K (written), and 2 C.S (clinical skills) require to apply for jobs in the US.

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