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4 Ways To Style Sweaters For Women

You know what clothing item is so precious but doesn’t get talked about as much? Sweaters.

That’s right. Sweaters are the very definition of everyday wear, especially for people who live in colder climates (read more). And yet, it doesn’t get hyped up enough. Sweaters are totally underrated despite how iconic they are when it comes to everyday style. That’s why today, we’re going to put the spotlight on this versatile basic.

Let’s talk about sweaters for women — or more specifically, how you can elevate your style by wearing them right. 

I know what some of you might be thinking, “aren’t sweaters for grannies?” Well, they are certainly a comfortable choice for the elderly, but they are just as fashionable for the younger gen. It just depends on how you style them. You know what they say, clothes do not define people; people define clothes. 

If your clothes are wearing you instead of you wearing them, then it’s probably time to take a good look at what you have in your wardrobe. Maybe it’s time to liven it up with some fresh and chic basics this 2024.

Now, before we go into the nitty-gritty of styling your sweaters for different looks and occasions, let’s first do a quick rundown of all the qualities that make a sweater great. This way, you’ll know exactly what to shop for no matter the style. 


First thing that you should be looking at is material. Depending on the type of climate you experience where you live, choosing the right material type for your sweaters will ultimately decide whether you wear it once or twice, or for a very long time. Thin, airy fabrics are great to wear when the weather is warm during the day and a little chilly at night. On the other hand, if you live in places that rarely get basked in the sun, then opting for thicker fabrics with better heat retention is best. When choosing your sweaters, make sure to keep comfort as one of your top priorities.


The next consideration is durability. When shopping for sweaters, choose those that have been put together with the utmost care and precision, like these ones from https://shopthemint.com/collections/sweaters. From the fabric to the stitching, you would want to check whether this piece of clothing will last you a long time. With fast fashion being the trend these days, it’s not uncommon for businesses to take shortcuts or skip a few steps. However, if you look closely enough, these “clumsy” errors are easy to point out and avoid.

Instead of buying sweaters every few months, choose to shop more durable pieces that you can really maximize the use of. The world sees enough wastage as it is and replacing your wardrobe every season will not help alleviate the situation. Buying good quality products that can last you a long time is a way to help minimize your carbon footprint.


versatility of the sweaters

You also have to consider the versatility of the sweaters you buy. This means that you can use it for a variety of occasions — from everyday occurrences to more formal happenings. In order to maximize the versatility of your clothes, try going for simpler or more basic designs. Simplicity is elegance. Plus, it will be easier for you to throw on different looks when your sweaters (or your wardrobe in general) are on the simpler side.

Take note: Simple doesn’t mean boring. There are many ways you can style simple basics to look classy and chic. We’ll talk more about that later!


Another consideration you should have when choosing clothes is function. Can you move well enough while wearing those pieces of clothing? Are you able to go about your normal day with ease and comfort? Some designs may look absolutely incredible on the catalog but lack the functionality great clothing should have. Great clothes should feel comfortable, allow for movement, and not something you’re just “dying to take off” soon as you get home. 


Of course, one can’t ignore the price tag that comes with clothes when shopping. Unless you’re the heir to a multimillion company, we’re pretty sure you mind the dollar signs on your purchases. While we’re not telling you to buy cheap or that cheap is better, do make sure that you purchase clothing items that are worth what you pay for. In other words, don’t buy clothes just because of overrated brand logos. Instead, focus on the quality of the product and if you think the item is worth every penny the brand is asking for it, then go ahead and make the purchase.

Now that you know what qualities you should be looking for in sweaters or clothes in general, it’s time to talk about the best ways to style your favorite sweats. Trust me, you’ll be looking like a hottie, not a “granny,” with these simple tips.

Size Up

The last thing you want is a body hugging sweater. Sweaters and bodycon outfits simply shouldn’t exist in the same sentence. You would want your sweater to be a little loose so sizing up is recommended unless the sweater you’re purchasing is already tagged as “oversized” (in this case, go with your normal size or check the sizing chart/guide). You can also go all the way and buy a sweater that could fit you like a dress. Throw on some denims and sneakers and you’ve pretty much nailed the laid back, girl-next-door look.

Layer Your Style

Another style tip that we have for you is to layer your outfit. Sure, a simple sweater or sweatshirt may look uneventful but if you layer it right, it’ll easily become one of your favorite fits. Try pairing your simple sweater with a scarf or throw some loud accessories on to level out the energy of your look.

Elevate Your Basics With Color Analysis

Color Analysis

Even the simplest clothes would look 10x better when worn by the right person — and it mostly has to do with colors. Choosing colors that complement your skin, hair, and eye color can elevate your style to a whole new level. You can wear a plain sweatshirt with jeans but with the right colors (and accessories), you’re sure to stand out in a crowd. Get your colors analyzed today!

Don’t Get Too Loud With Patterns

In case someone hasn’t told you, pairing patterned tops with patterned bottoms is a no-go — especially when their respective designs are already too loud. That being said, make sure to mix and match your tops and bottoms properly. If you’re wearing a patterned top, neutralize the look by wearing something basic for your bottoms, and vice versa.

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