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Best Tips for Digital Marketing with Geniezweb in 2023

Check out our dozens of blogs covering different aspects of digital marketing. We are Creative Digital Agency in SEO, WordPress, UX, Inbound, social media, and Others. While some are integral to their field of expertise, their vision is often too sharp and limited to shed light on the digital transformation needed by entrepreneurs interested in growing their business.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a rich and diverse field that often tends to boil down to one aspect or another (or some of its tools). But that’s exactly what many entrepreneurs lack. A broad vision and a global approach to marketing. But, as Fred Casazza points out, “The future of marketing lies in integration, not hyper-specialization. Certainly tools and practices have evolved in response to changing customer/consumer needs and behaviours, but the fundamental purpose of marketing (whether traditional, digital or experiential) remains the same. not. service. everything else is in vain.

Useful Blogs to Power Small Business Digital Marketing

My choice is necessarily subjective, but I still take some criteria into consideration. The proposed blogs all have something in common

  • Provide a broader view of digital marketing.
  • Target SMEs as a priority (not just large clients or young freelancers).
  • Provide examples and advice that speaks to SMEs beyond pure theory.
  • Publish regularly and ensure proper reference.

Removed media from charts (appears on most “tops” posted elsewhere). However, we recommend subscribing to one of these media to follow the news and discover new trends.

Marketing Advice

Cited in all French rankings, this blog is a veritable treasure trove for small businesses. Frederic Canevet, who has led the organization since 2006, offers common sense advice that’s perfect for small businesses. He defines himself as a “B2B SME expert”. I have no doubt he knows what he’s talking about. And this often smells of experience!

My main regret is that the site’s style is a bit cluttered (although it’s improved) and the many calls to action scattered across every article make it hard to read. But beyond this initial tension, you can benefit from interesting feedback, including many comments (a clear indication).

Three articles to read

  • Challenges of Digital Transformation in Business.
  • 88% of his consumers make decisions based on his one key factor: his customer reviews.
  • Video Marketing: The key to creating videos that attract traffic.

Writing for the Web

As the name suggests, this blog is primarily “content” oriented, but well beyond that framework, here’s its place. Launched by Muriel Vandermeulen in 2006, this blog isn’t often in the hit parade of French-speaking blogs, but it’s definitely a reference for me. Articles are generally of excellent quality, well documented and discussed.

Three articles to read:

  • Keep your web content sustainable: ethical and productive!
  • A local SEO strategy in 5 easy steps
  • How to create a video script in 3 steps

Sharing Best Practices

Geniez Web blog is of interest to SMEs because it offers a practical perspective on the marketing issues faced by entrepreneurs.

Three articles to read:

  • How long does it take to browse the site properly?
  • How to create a landing page with a 70% conversion rate?
  • Abandoned Trash: 6 Follow-Up Email Examples.

More than SEO SEMrush

This is a platform that understands that the challenges of digital marketing go far beyond his SEO framework (specialty) and that its performance depends only on mastering the entire digital ecosystem. According to SEMrush, “Online marketing is never easy, but marketing tools should be.”

Three articles to read:

  • E-commerce success: 3 axes to follow
  • His 3 social media strategy templates for any business
  • 3 sample content calendars for every need

Essential Solution Comparator

Definitely a site to remember. Basically, this is a comparison of website building solutions. Packed with advice and comparisons for choosing the best tools and service providers for creating and growing your web presence.

Three articles to read:

  • 10 free tools for creating landing pages.
  • How much does influencer marketing cost?
  • Compare the best online payment solutions.

Web Marketing and Data Expert

Hundreds of digital marketing articles, case studies, infographics and presentations. Matthieu Tran Van has shared his 10 years of experience and knowledge in digital marketing. The common denominator is conversion rate.

Three articles to read:

  • Big data + marketing: a winning combination.
  • Social Media Marketing, Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy.
  • 18 ways to promote your site and increase awareness of your online store.


PME Web is profiled as a mega toolbox. Since 2012, Matthieu Corthésy has been showcasing the best digital his marketing tools that help you become more efficient with social networks, email, SEO, project management, video and more. I often want to know more about the presented tools, but it’s already a good start.

Axis Search

Passionate about growth and commercial efficiency, Neoptimal Agency professionals share their passion and obsession with results on their blogs, which go well beyond sales.

Three articles to read:

  • How to easily optimize digital prospecting or his ROI.
  • How to find potential customers on LinkedIn or Twitter?
  • User Generated Content: Is B2B possible with VSE/SME.

Virtual Assistants for Entrepreneurs

Laurent VERMOT-GAUCHY, an entrepreneurial expert in web techniques, envisioned Audrey as a ‘virtual’ coach who discovers, tests, and delivers all suggestions on digital marketing. Over time, Laurent has been surrounded by a team of professionals, the Audrey Angels.

Three articles to read:

  • Bounce Rate: 7 Actions to Reduce It Easily.
  • 18 Key Benefits of Content Marketing.
  • Why schedule social media posts in advance?

Inbound Marketing from the Perspective

Quite off the French radar, but there is a French-speaking Belgian blog that is worth the detour. Hubspot specializes in inbound he marketing. Her agency helps increase traffic, leads and sales.

Three articles to read:

  • What marketing strategy will you adopt in 2022? (HubSpot Studio)
  • Top 10 marketing trends to adopt in 2022.
  • CRM: 6 Reasons to Digitize Customer Relationships During Covid-19.

Focus on LinkedIn

A recognized LinkedIn expert, Geniez Web is passionate about all things business and helps improve his business performance. Of course, digital transformation is one of them.

Three articles to read:

  • Measure results on LinkedIn.
  • How to adapt his LinkedIn strategy in times of crisis.
  • LinkedIn method in 7 steps.


Her 12 blogs listed in this article are not ranked in order of preference or influence. They’re just a few of a series of beautiful discoveries I wanted to share with you. If you’re looking for a “ranking” or a more “scientific” approach, check out Semrush Rankings, which includes her top 100 marketing and news blogs from United Kingdom in her three categories media, personal blogs, and business blogs. please refer to. We list the rank based on her SEMrush Authority Score assigned to her website based on the following criteria.

  • Backlinks: The total number of backlinks pointing to your domain.
  • Referring Domains: The total number of referring domains referring to your website.
  • Monthly Visits: The number of unique visits to her website in the last month.
  • Keywords: The number of keywords that ranked in the top 100 on Google.

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