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Comparing AI Writing Tools and Assignment Writing Services

People tend to have rather fun memories about their student years. They generally recall finding great friends, falling in love for the first time, and all the wild parties on and off campus. 

Yet, student years are not only about having fun. They are also about struggling with certain disciplines and desperately trying (and mostly failing) to make friends with time, as students often need to balance their studies with work, thanks to which they can pay rent and tuition. 

That’s why most students check essayservice reviews to see if the service fits their academic requirements. But an assignment writing service is no longer the sole option to win extra time to maintain a work/study balance or simply spend an hour or two more in the dreamland. Thanks to technological advances, students can use an AI writing tool.

There are plenty of them nowadays. Some tools are tailor-made for academic purposes, while others may require more detailed instructions to be used for the said purposes. But despite their growing popularity, do they really fare better than or at least on the same level as help from human professionals? 

Let’s sort it out by determining both options’ advantages and disadvantages.

AI Writing Assistant Option: The Benefits and Downsides of Using AI Writing Tools

While it’s hard to find a person who has never heard about ChatGPT, OpenAI is far from being the only writing aid. While it definitely ranks among the best AI writing tools, it may not be the best option when you’re looking for academic help. 

You see, while ChatGPT is trained to produce texts based on the users’ instructions, it’s not exactly designed for academic writing. Yet, we won’t talk about ChatGPT only but rather any AI assistant. So, let’s see what AI can offer you when used for academic writing.


  • AI tools are generally free, so you don’t have to think about where to get the money to use them. However, some of them offer limited functionality when used for free.
  • Most apps like ChatGPT have an intuitive interface, so users don’t have to read long manuals to figure out what’s what.
  • The main benefit of AI tools is that they produce text according to your instructions in mere seconds.


  • To craft your text, the tools utilize the information that is already online. Hence, the end product may lack the originality and creative touch that you can get when ordering from an assignment writing service.
  • Another big issue with AI tools is that they are easily detectable, as plenty of software solutions can easily determine if the text was generated with AI.
  • There’s no guarantee that the tools will use only reliable materials; hence, users can end up with poor-quality works based on unreliable sources.
  • AI assistants cannot fact-check the information they produce, which, once again, leads to the text of subpar quality.
  • The tools struggle when dealing with complex tasks requiring much research and analysis. It’s something that human experts can handle with ease.
  • All technologies are prone to errors and glitches leading to inadequate outputs.
AI Writing Assistant

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Using Assignment Writing Services

So, while there are certain benefits to using an AI writing tool, it is far from being a remedy, at least for now. Now, we need to check what students can get from human experts. 

There must be a reason why, even with the insane popularity of ChatGPT (over 100 million active users and counting), most students still prefer good old human experts when it comes to assignment writing help. Let’s figure out why that is and what the pros and cons of seeking help from an assignment writing service are.


  • When hiring human experts, you can expect complete task customization. Provide experts with a sample of your writing, and they will imitate your style.
  • Human experts know how to avoid plagiarism. You can often request a plagiarism report to ensure the text doesn’t contain plagiarized content.
  • Confidentiality is a crucial part of academic helpers’ work ethics, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal or financial data.
  • The services execute orders of various levels of complexity, from simple high school texts to more elaborate tasks like a thesis or dissertation.
  • Ordering from an assignment helper, you can expect the work to be crafted by an expert with a degree in a respective field.
  • The experts often provide useful insights that can help you in your education beyond writing assignments.


  • An assignment performed by human experts takes more time — the minimum deadline is generally six hours — you can’t expect the assignment to be ready within a minute.
  • You cannot submit the order as such; you need to check it to ensure it corresponds to your requirements completely.
  • Unlike AI helpers, ordering from professional services is not free. Yet, the services offer pricing that is affordable for students.

What About the Reputation?

It’s easy to dismiss assignment help services as just a shiny artifact of the past. But they have existed for decades. They easily made a transition from the offline to the digital world. And students trust them not for mere longevity. Students opt for academic helpers because the services provide the necessary human touch to the task. Human experts know how to avoid plagiarism and make the task one-of-a-kind. 

When it comes to the OpenAI app and other writing tools, at least at the current stage, they cannot be trusted completely. While helpful when used as a supplementary tool, they cannot produce original texts that require a lot of analysis and fact-checking. Besides, thanks to AI detectors, some students were expelled from universities for using the tools. 

Closing Thoughts

AI writing is a hot property; however, it’s not the best option when you need academic help. At the current stage, AI-driven apps for academic writing cannot produce complex texts. Quite often, they cannot produce even long texts — ChatGPT has a limit of 4096. Maybe you can generate a high school assignment of up to 800 words, but that definitely won’t work for undergraduate assignments. Thus, AI has a long way to go to start writing as a human.
So, if you need good quality, it’s better to check out some essayservice reviews and opt for an assignment writing service to have your task executed by human experts. While issues with using academic helpers occur from time to time, they are still more trustworthy than anything that AI has to offer.

Thomas Leishman

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