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How to find the right Crypto Platforms for Hedging Strategies?

The crypto derivatives market is expanding rapidly, and identifying a reliable platform for trading these instruments can be daunting due to numerous options available. This guide assists both novice and expert traders in understanding the features of top options trading platforms.

Crypto derivatives trading refers to legally binding agreements between a trader and an exchange to buy or sell contracts of an asset like Bitcoin (BTC). This type of trading allows traders to access exchange capital at a higher margin than their initial investment, maximizing profit potential. Phemex is among the top twenty global derivatives trading exchanges.

A derivative contract involves two or more parties and derives its value from an underlying asset, such as stocks, currencies, or commodities. The derivative’s price depends on price fluctuations of the underlying asset.

The key difference between spot trading and derivatives trading is that in the latter, traders do not hold the underlying asset but instead hold contracts linked to the asset’s spot price. Derivative trading involves speculating on an asset’s future price movements by buying or selling derivatives, potentially earning greater profits than purchasing the asset outright.

Derivatives can also be used for hedging strategies to reduce risk associated with existing positions. For instance, traders can go short to profit from declining asset values, thereby hedging against current long positions.

Key Features of Trustworthy Crypto Platforms for Contract Trading

Security: Top priorities for centralized custodial exchanges include security and safety, as malicious attacks can lead to significant financial losses. Phemex has never been hacked and employs a secure Hierarchical Deterministic Cold Wallet solution to minimize asset exposure to connected networks. The majority of user funds are stored in cold storage, with hot wallet funds subject to strict manual risk controls. Phemex’s trading engines prioritize speed and 100% availability, ensuring access during maintenance periods.

Transparency: In addition to asset security, reliable CEX platforms should prioritize transparency. Following the FTX collapse, proof-of-reserve (PoR) has become popular among centralized exchanges. To enhance credibility, Phemex’s PoR tool is not reliant on third-party auditors and offers additional proof-of-solvency.

User Guide and Customer Services: User-friendly platforms improve reputation and help beginners quickly learn basics. Phemex offers a comprehensive Help Center, over 1000 educational articles, and prompt communication of critical trading updates, fostering user trust.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crypto Platform for Contract Trading

Verification Mechanism: Examine the exchange’s verification and security standards, such as KYC and other identity verification systems.

Trading Options: Assess each platform’s offerings, especially for newer projects and altcoins. Choose a crypto derivatives platform with a wide range of contract pairs and high liquidity.

Fees: Trading costs are crucial. Many top trading platforms utilize tiered exchange fee structures for derivatives trading. Compare fees of multiple platforms if you plan to make several daily transactions.

Other considerations include trading execution speed, potential leverage magnitude, and order book liquidity. For example, Phemex provides up to 100x leverage on contract trading and is the first CEX to implement the RAFT algorithm in cross engine and trading engine with 24×7 uptime.

In conclusion, contract trading is a form of crypto derivatives trading that enables traders to utilize leverage and increase potential profits. To excel in contract trading, users should be proficient in spot trading and technical analysis.

Keep in mind that crypto derivatives trading is typically for experienced users, and traders should only risk money they can afford to lose.

Thomas Leishman

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