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Our Favourite Adult Sex Toys For You To Cum Play With!

The last few years have given us a plethora of exciting new technologies, and that includes the erotic world of sex toys! There has been a revolution in pleasure experiences that sex lovers can explore to find their heart’s kinkiest desires! 

So, if you are shopping for Adult toys to make you and your partner’s sensual dreams come true, then here are some of the best of the best we have collected for you to consider. So strap it on and ride hard, here come our top picks for sexy fun!

The Njoy Pure Wand–  This stainless steel metal, non-vibrating sex toy is both a terrific anal and vaginal toy that establishes a direct connection to your G Spot, its perfect curves and generous reach allows you to lay back and relax while you bring yourself or your partner to an ecstatic orgasm. If you want to “hit the spot” this is your daddy! 

Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator – No need for cables, this fantastic toy tingles and pulsates all on its own to give you an incredible vibration and electrical stimulation experience you will never forget! Two vibration motors work in tandem, humming to five different levels of intensity that will blow your mind while you cum and cum again!

Tenga Flip Zero – This one is for the boys, a masturbation sleeve that features pressure plates and lubricated textures that will make your favourite appendage throb with pleasure. You had better have that tissue ready because you might just shoot your eye out with this fun gun, fellas!

Nexus Simul8 – This amazing prostate massager is designed to give constant pressure that makes for constant pleasure! This baby can stimulate the base of the penis, the base of the testicles, the prostate and perineum all at once to give you the ride of your life! Hold on, here it cums!

Mystim Booty Garland – These orgasmic anal beads will send you to new levels of pleasure thanks to their electrosex technology! You can insert and withdraw these divine pearls until your head spins with pleasure!

Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps – If you want to make things a bit naughtier try mixing a bit of delicious pain with your pleasure! These clamps provide just the right amount of grip and the chain is lightly weighted to add to the sensation, and perfect for some tugging teasing. Perfect for him or her, and they can be affixed to a lot more than just nipples if you use your imagination! Oh, it hurts so good! 

Sportsheets Blackout Mask – While we are being a bit kinky, why not send your partner to a mysterious dark realm in which they don’t know what sensual adventure is going to happen to them next? This blindfold heightens all the other senses, leading to a mysterious world of sensation and pleasure!

Well, that should be enough to keep you busy for a while, we hope you have some of the wildest sex ever!

Thomas Leishman

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