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Popular Birthday Flower and Bouquet Ideas

Popular Birthday Flower and Bouquet Ideas. An upcoming birthday party to attend, or you are planning to throw a surprise birthday party for someone, or you are excited about your birthday, no matter what, one thing you should buy is flowers.

Besides a birthday cake and gifts, an essential part of birthday celebrations always has flowers. Flowers never go out of style, whether it’s a symbol of good wishes or a decorative piece. Flowers always add their magic to the whole environment.

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Quick List of Some Popular Birthday Flowers in Ottawa, ON


This flower ticks all the boxes when it comes to being famous. It is unique, rare to find out of season, extremely beautiful and has its personality. Tulips bloom during the spring, but as soon as the seasons change, they can be hard to see.

You must go with Tulipanes if the birthday is during March, April and May. You can mix all the bright colors for your birthday flower arrangement or separate them by color for a purple, pink, or red bouquet. You can also go with a combination of tulips and carnations.

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies have much to offer if you’re looking for something neutral but appropriate for birthdays. They also make great thank you flowers in Ottawa, ON, especially for corporate events. If you are going to a formal birthday celebration or it is your first time.

These birthday flowers would certainly be the best choice. You can choose an interesting color like purple or patterned petals to create a bouquet. Asiatic lilies are quite large, but you can always add other flowers, such as delicate filler, spray pinks, and greens.


Carnations are the sweetest, looking bright, fluffy, and radiant. You can go with a large bouquet of pink carnations. Or, to go last, you can also opt for a planter. You can choose a shape like a circle, a square, or even a heart-shaped box that would then be filled with the flowers of your choice. You can combine pink and white with carnations, or if you like the color more, you can try orange with red, along with some mini carnations.

Gerbera Daisies

If you need to know what to buy and want to buy something different, you’ll need Cumberland ON Flowers Delivery and Gerberas. These look amazing, with long velvety petals and contrasting centers. Gerberas look like a typical flower with a long green stems.

You will find this flower in pink, hot pink, red, orange and yellow. You can combine gerberas with roses, carnations and some green filling. Instead of wrapping it up, place your flowers in a pretty vase, making it a beautiful centerpiece.


As basic as it may seem, roses never disappoint. This beautiful flower, in addition to being a popular choice, is a universal symbol of love. Red roses, we all know, are appreciated by everyone. What better birthday surprise than receiving a bouquet of fresh red roses first thing in the morning?

You can create endless combinations of rose flower arrangements—red roses with white roses, pink with red, or a brilliant combination of red and orange. There is still a lot you can do when it comes to roses. You can get these flowers and more anywhere with Alta Vista Flowers Delivery in Ottawa, ON. Surprise your loved ones with birthday flowers and let them shine on their big day.

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