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What is organic food waste?

Organic waste is food that is not allowed to rot before it is eaten. All the nutrients are still present in the organic waste. This means that when organic waste decomposes, it produces valuable compounds called “fertilizers.” These fertilizers are found in plants and they help to make the soil healthy and fertile. There are three kinds of organic waste materials: animal waste, food wastes and vegetable wastes.

Animal waste is the solid waste that comes from animals, including poultry and cows. Food wastes include food items that are not used after they have been zero waste grocery cooked, such as vegetables, grains, seeds, meat and dairy products.

Vegetable waste includes plant parts that are left over after the vegetable has been harvested, such as corn husks, peels, beans and fruit shells. Inorganic waste is something that is not naturally decomposable. An example of this would be plastics and tires. Inorganic wastes are considered garbage. Inorganic wastes take a long time to decompose, and usually only a small percentage can be recycled.

You can compost your organic waste in different ways. One way is to put it in your garden. A second method is to place it in an outdoor compost bin. You can find out more about composting at composting.com.

Thomas Leishman

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